Morale & Motivation


Does your company make a positive effort to create an improved business environment every day?

When a workforce is unhappy, negative and frustrated, they are not able to focus and often morale is low.  In turn, low morale creates unhappy people!

Companies are constantly looking for motivational tools that can spark a burst of enthusiasm and energy within their staff.  Often standard training provided by the industry does achieve this.  However, any motivation gained is often only as a short term effect.  Training courses will inspire and motivate during and immediately after the event (normally through clever videos and images) but often that initial motivation soon disappears the moment your staff return to their full time role.

What we offer is very different.  We look at the origin of morale and motivation and dig deep into the individual’s psyche.  As experts of the mind, we help to formulate a tangible action plan for everyone, which will inspire on-going morale and motivation.  Lasting morale and motivation leads to hard work and extra company commitment.

We leave our participants with a real understanding of how events affect their own psychology and provide the tools they need to stay continually motivated.  We teach how to reflect and look positively on each day and reward yourself for the correct behaviour. We provide new skills to help overcome obstacles and challenges.

We focus on promoting your company to the highest standards, promoting team spirit and an ‘all for one’ attitude to work.

We look to change the behaviours of our participants to cope with rejection, remain positive and feel motivated to win the business.

We provide you with the necessary tools to turn every situation into either a ‘goal’ or a ‘game’ which can make even the most mundane of tasks seem fun and also keeps motivation levels high throughout the day.

We show and demonstrate how to turn negatives into positives.

In order to be happy and motivated, you need clear and concise goals and action plan.  Our course covers advanced proven goal writing and how to implement those goals.

All of our training is led by Dave Manners directly with his established and experienced team in support.  We pride ourselves upon delivering an impeccable service with an obvious and substantial return on investment.

Our courses are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Each participant will leave feeling positive and upbeat, with a clear understanding of the changes they need to implement to create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

Full course material and documentation of techniques is provided for future reference and application.

Course details

One day, 10am start, 4:30pm finish with lunch and breaks included

£2750 per course for a maximum of 12 people

Larger groups available and discounts for multiple days/courses

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Create happy, contented and goal driven staff

Gain a new found commitment and loyalty to the business

Create a Stronger Sense Of Belief And Self-Confidence

Help your young staff of today to become your leaders of tomorrow

Increase job satisfaction and morale amongst employees

Create well trained motivated staff who require less supervision

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