Commitment Based Selling


Our dedicated course of commitment based selling could well be the most important course for any sales person who is looking at new business to attend.

It is standard human behaviour for everybody without fail to believe they are honourable and good people!  Even when they are not!  This is good news, because everyone wants to behave in a way which is ‘consistent’ with ‘good character’  This means that everyone wants to ‘honour’ their own commitments.  Once we have made a commitment we feel both social pressure and internal psychological pressure to stick to it. We call this ‘the rule of commitment’

Why is this true? Everyone likes to feel that they are consistent in their behaviours and beliefs.

This course uses this to your advantage and looks at the psychology behind gaining commitment.  To clearly demonstrate what a sales person needs to do in order to gain commitment and get the potential customer to follow through on that commitment.  In essence, it’s a clever process that drives customers to come on board or at least provide you with an opportunity, and the best part, they will feel it has been all their own choice.

On this course we teach you how to gain commitment on each and every call you make or meeting you attend and all of the tips and tricks to ensure that you win customers more quickly.  This is a proven methodology that works for any industry and has been used very successfully in practice by Dave Manners and those whom he has taught.

Dave Manners explains clearly, step by step what the sales person should be doing to gain the commitment from the potential customer and then shows how to manipulate that commitment for the best chance of success.

Apply a proven sales structure and process to your day to day activities to maximise all opportunities.

All of our training is led by Dave Manners directly with his established and experienced team in support.  We pride ourselves upon delivering an impeccable service with an obvious and substantial return on investment.

Our courses are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Each participant will leave feeling positive and upbeat, with a clear understanding of the changes they need to implement to create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

Full course material and documentation of techniques is provided for future reference and application.

Course details

One day, 10am start, 4:30pm finish with lunch and breaks included

Larger groups available and discounts for multiple days/courses

£2750 per course for a maximum of 12 people

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Dramatically increase your sales

Substantially increase your closing ratio

Become absolutely indispensable to your company

Gain a genuine competitive advantage over your competition

Provide your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge

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