Cold Calling, Winning New Business


Quality training is an investment which increases employee efficiency, knowledge and skills.

We look to create a positive identity change for all participants, allowing them to see themselves and the company in a more positive light.

Our course on cold calling and winning new business is the perfect choice.

Whether they are new staff that are looking to understand how to approach cold calling and competing for new business or established staff that needs to brush up on their skills.

Studies show that most staff are actually afraid of cold calling or certainly don’t enjoy conducting them.  This course has been designed to help change their mind-set.  We aim to give them the confidence, belief and skills to make productive calls every time and to learn to love the process.

The course also covers Time Management techniques to improve the efficiency in the way your customer base is managed and provide strategies for winning business and gaining customer commitment.

We cover pacing and leading, conformity techniques, advantages of a multi contact approach and how to get best results.

The rule of reciprocity which refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action.

The rule of scarcity which refers to the need of wanting something in short supply.

Open and closed questions including the What, When, Why, Who, Where and How.

Closing techniques to help with closing the opportunity quickly and easily.

Educating and clearly explaining why consistency is the key to success and why so many other companies do not make it.

Developing a hard working attitude and working on the theory of the harder you work and the more calls you make the ‘luckier’ you will be.  To treat every call as a pathway to winning new business and how many steps can you take each call?  We help the participants to enjoy  cold calling and going after new business and gaining real achievement from their successes.

All of our training is led by Dave Manners directly with his established and experienced team in support.  We pride ourselves upon delivering an impeccable service with an obvious and substantial return on investment.

Our courses are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Each participant will leave feeling positive and upbeat, with a clear understanding of the changes they need to implement to create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

Full course material and documentation of techniques is provided for future reference and application.

Course details

One day, 10am start, 4:30pm finish with lunch and breaks included

£2750 per course for a maximum of 12 people

Larger groups available and discounts for multiple days/courses

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Develop your employees questioning skills to improve sales opportunities

Boost productivity and re-energise your workforce

Develop the true potential of cold calling

Create a positive change of behaviour

Identify and create huge new business possibilities

Give your employees an increased and more diverse skills set

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