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Upgrade your brain

Ever wondered why you make the decisions you do?  Why you get on well with some people but not others?

Dave Manners offers a real insight into our mind & behaviour, enabling great personal change and growth.

Dave offers an individually tailored training and coaching program, chosen by you from multiple elements of his own belief system.

We need to look at gaining a better understanding of who we are.  95% of the time we are unconscious creatures and only make conscious choices 5% of the time.  The other 95% is dictated through a combination of the evolution of the human body, your individual DNA and how your life has developed up to this point (the events that have taken place and the choices you have made).

Our senses take in 2,000,000 bits of information per second but our conscious mind can only process 134 bits per second!  So the unconscious mind needs to filter the 2 million bits down to the 134 bits the conscious mind can cope with and Dave Manners will demonstrate how we delete, distort and generalise in order to cope with this.

Dave Manners looks to demonstrate how we are in a constant flux of change.  These changes happen so slowly that we fail to notice them, but over a long period of time we completely alter our entire personalities.  Once we recognise these changes we can then look to take control and make the small adjustments each day that overtime enables us to become better and happier beings.

Dave’s mind & behaviour training looks closely into how our personalities are constructed.  All have ‘fixed’ and ‘variable’ data.

Fixed (constants) events are

  • Karma – everything that happens in our life.  The true actual events.
  • Memory – our interpretation of Karma.  Be careful to understand that this is not the actual event but how it has been interpreted and stored.
  • Desire – our wants and needs formed from our interpretation of memory.
  • Instincts – fight or flight response?
  • Values – What we are prepared to live for and what we try to live up to.  What we believe is right and wrong and how we decide to feel about the actions of others.
  • Beliefs – these are convictions that certain things are real, generalisations about the world and presuppositions that we have about certain things.  We can either create or deny personal power as we have a bigger chance of succeeding if we believe we can do it and a bigger chance of failure if we believe we cannot do it.
  • Thoughts – our unique ability to talk to our own personality through thoughts.  These thoughts can change or adapt in seconds.  These inner thoughts give us the opportunity to evaluate memory and change desire and instincts (for better or worse)

Variable events are

  • Illness
  • Amount of Sleep
  • Body condition and general well being
  • Hormones
  • Oestrogen, Testosterone and Cortisol
  • Drinks – coffee, red bull, alcohol etc.
  • Drugs –cigarettes, prescribed and recreational drugs
  • Food – health food and sugary food etc.

Mind & behaviour is a very interesting subject that Dave loves to teach and is very passionate about.  Providing you with a much better understanding of how we all work thus enabling better decisions for the future and a happier, more balanced life.

The first stage is to book an informal conversation or meeting with Dave Manners where he can explain in more detail about the concepts of mind & behaviour training and to see if there is any synergy to work together in more detail.

Costing and duration varies widely depending on the level of commitment that is required from Dave but all costs and expenses will be fully discussed up front.  At all times Dave operates a policy of transparency and honesty and always likes to show a clear return on investment.

In the first instance we recommend booking an informal telephone call or free meeting with Dave Manners himself to see if there is any synergy to work together and to try to ascertain the objectives of any potential engagement.

All services provided are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information or to book your first meeting with Dave.

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