Life Coaching

Let's get P.H.Y.S.I.C.A.L

Would you like to change and improve your life?  Are you looking for greater happiness and more success?

Is it time to change your outlook for the better and tackle problems you have always wanted to resolve?

Participating in one on one ‘PHYSICAL’ life coaching with Dave Manners could be the most important decision you make.  Life coaching is the process of self-understanding, development, change and improvement.

Through Dave’s own uniquely designed methodology, ‘PHYSICAL’ he will evaluate your needs and wants, to work with you to organise a personal plan with clearly defined actions and time-scales.

Working directly with Dave Manners we can begin to look at your life coaching goals and objectives, how you have approached them so far and what we can do to draw up a realistic plan and time-scale to achieve them.  Helping you to approach goal setting easily, more efficiently and overcoming any obstacles that are in your way.

We help you to succeed whatever your aim, from a healthier, fitter body or just the ability to be happy in your life.   From career success, self-image, personal relationships, or improved business habits and sales strategies. ‘PHYSICAL’ Life Coaching with Dave Manners is all you need.

Life coaching with Dave Manners can help guide you to live the life of your dreams.  Together we will identify and change the patterns of thinking that stand between you and what you want.

Dave’s main aim with his ‘PHYSICAL’ life coaching is to work with you to identify and change paradigms and your habits and beliefs which are preventing you from achieving the results you truly want in every area of your life.

The first step is to organise a two hour ‘discovery’ session with Dave Manners where he can gain an understanding of what you are looking for, as well as providing instant results in the form of an in depth assessment report.  Included in this report will be his initial findings and recommendations as well as suggestions for an ongoing coaching programme that suits your individual wants and needs.

‘PHYSICAL’ life coaching from Dave Manners remains strictly private and confidential at all times and no personal information will ever be shared.  With all of his coaching, he is only looking to cement long lasting relationship’s built upon trust.

With ‘PHYSICAL’ life coaching, people learn to understand themselves better, to recognise what is worrying them and what’s preventing them from achieving their goals.  To identify a clear way forward and to remove any barriers that halt progression.

Costing and duration varies dependent upon the level of  time and commitment that is required from Dave, but all costs and expenses will be fully discussed up front.  At all times Dave operates a policy of transparency and honesty and always likes to show a clear return on investment.

In the first instance we recommend booking an informal telephone call to see if there is any synergy to work together on ‘PHYSICAL’ life coaching and to try to ascertain the objectives of any potential engagement.



          Physical – The want to change your physical appearance

          Health – The want to live a healthier life with a healthier body

          Yesterday – The want to deal with issues of the past

          Spiritual –  The want to find peace, meaning and happiness in life

          Importance – The want of finding importance or self-worth

          Career – The want to progress your career or increase intelligence

          Answers – The want to ‘answer’ a problem or question

          Love – The want to understand or find love

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