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longer, healthier living

Looking after yourself for long term health benefits should be your number one goal.

Dave Manners is fully qualified in Sports Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology and is currently studying Yoga.  His abilities around fully understanding human behaviour sets him apart from any fitness or health expert.

Over the last five years Dave Manners has transformed his health from an unfit, overweight, 17 stone body into his current fit and healthy 13 stone physique.  Along with the fitness, Dave is never ill and is doing everything in his power to live a long life of health and vitality.

Losing weight, getting fit and becoming healthy should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish and by using the techniques developed exclusively by Dave Manners he ensures it really is.

This is a one to one personal training plan, whereby Dave would meet with you to discuss your current regime, fitness levels and diet as well as any health issues.  He will then gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve and set about a plan to accomplish this.  An individual training regime can then be put together which would include a number of training sessions.

The first step is to recognise that you want to change and to make an absolute commitment to that change.

Dave Manners can help you to realise your goals and dreams.

This goes far beyond having a great body.  In fact a great body is just the impressive side effect of what Dave has to offer.  Dave looks towards your health and vitality.  All advice and training is aimed towards creating a longer and healthier life.  The six-pack will be an added bonus!

Costing and duration varies widely depending on the level of commitment that is required from Dave but all costs and expenses will be fully discussed up front.  At all times Dave operates a policy of transparency and honesty and always likes to show a clear return on investment.

In the first instance we recommend booking an informal telephone call or free meeting with Dave Manners himself to see if there is any synergy to work together and to try to ascertain the objectives of any potential engagement.

All services provided are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information or to book your first meeting with Dave.

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