This Yoga course is active and enjoyable.  Yoga will help energise, relieve stress and greatly benefit the body.

Yoga is a great course to help motivate your staff to become more active and lead a healthier and more balanced life.  Show as a company that you are not only interested in the work they do but you’re also invested in their general health and well-being.  Yoga is great for team spirit and bonding and can create a lasting change for the better.

Dave Manners has been studying Yoga for over two years now and believes it offers many benefits to overall health and well-being.  In this course Dave Manners will talk about the origins of Yoga, the benefits in life both now and in the future and will also train the staff to be able to complete their own yoga routine.  A full body workout that covers all major parts including Neck, Shoulders, Sides, Hips, Back and Legs is clearly and easily explained. As this is an active course then appropriate clothing is advised.

At the end of the yoga course everyone will be provided with an in-depth yoga training video and literature, which will allow them to embark upon their own yoga journey either on their own or maybe as a morning work-out program.

All of our training is led by Dave Manners directly with his established and experienced team in support.  We pride ourselves upon delivering an impeccable service with an obvious and substantial return on investment.

Our courses are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Each participant will leave feeling positive and upbeat, with a clear understanding of the changes they need to implement to create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

Full course material and documentation of techniques is provided for future reference and application.

Course details

1/2 day, 10am start, 12:45pm finish or 2pm start - 4:45pm finish with breaks included

£1650 per course for a maximum of 12 people

Larger groups available and discounts for multiple days/courses

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Invest in the well-being of your staff

Yoga helps promote physical fitness

Yoga calms the mind and helps become more balanced

Yoga helps eliminate stress

Yoga will Reduce sick days in the office

Create a healthier workforce through Yoga

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