How Your Mind Works


Take responsibility for your life and every action you take.  Learn the rules and constraints properly so you can find a way to go beyond them.

This is a fun and interactive training course on how your mind works takes a closer look at our behaviours and why we do the things we do!

The course on how your mind works includes a power of the mind demonstration.  To demonstrate how having a positive mental attitude affects each and every call you make and meeting you attend.  Helps to show participants how preparing for your day can make a massive impact on the outcome, to help the participants to go into each new day and each new call with a positive, happy mental attitude.  We show the participants how to change negatives into positives and help them to understand the reasons to overcome the ‘negative’ the next time it is encountered.  Inner happiness is the fuel for success.

We look at your beliefs in life and work out how you came about having them.  Evaluating which ones are serving you well and which ones may be detrimental and helping to eliminate and change wrong beliefs, which in turn have been causing wrong behaviour.

The way you feel about yourself and the state that you are in makes all the difference.  Our course on how your mind works teaches participants to evaluate their own states and discuss and agree the states required for success including…

  • Hunger and Commitment
  • Believing in yourself
  • Believing in your company
  • Creating a clear goal for success
  • Being honest and evaluating

Be the person that you would want to look up to and book the ‘how your mind works’ course today.

Looking at happiness and what makes people happy or sad.  What we can do as people to learn to be happy in any and all situations and providing the training to recognise and implement your own set of standards and morals to live by.

We can either choose to be sad or happy; the amount of work involved is the same.

We teach you how to never lose at anything again if you choose to help others or grow from experience.

All of our training is led by Dave Manners directly with his established and experienced team in support.  We pride ourselves upon delivering an impeccable service with an obvious and substantial return on investment.

Our courses are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

Each participant will leave feeling positive and upbeat, with a clear understanding of the changes they need to implement to create the most significant improvement to their sales effectiveness.

Full course material and documentation of techniques is provided for future reference and application.

Course details

1/2 day, 10am start, 12:45pm finish or 2pm start - 4:45pm finish with breaks included

£1650 per course for a maximum of 12 people

Larger groups available and discounts for multiple days/courses

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