Change your associations

Change the way you physically feel about food and drink.


How your mind works

Take responsibility for your life and every action you take. Learn the rules and go beyond them.



An active and enjoyable course which will help energise, relieve stress and greatly benefit the body.



This course can transform your life to be healthier and happier.


Mind & Body

If you want to have a great mind then do not underestimate the importance of having a great body to go with it.  What Dave Manners has learnt is by creating a stronger, fitter and more agile body; the stronger, fitter and more agile the mind becomes.  Over the last five years Dave has transformed himself from being overweight and unfit at 17 stone, to a current fit and healthy 13 Stone (He is 6ft 3inches tall).

He practises Yoga and strength exercises every day.  Runs 10K (6miles) three times per week and regularly participates in endurance courses.  He has given up alcohol and unhealthy food and now follows a Vegan (organic where possible) diet.  More importantly than the results, is the fact he has accomplished this with ease and has never felt he was missing out on anything.  In fact he feels he is living a truly blessed and happy life, where he literally has all he desires.  This has been achieved by studying and understanding how the mind works and how it is programmed.  Our Mind & Body courses endeavour to provide what it takes to set your company apart from the competition.  Your staff’s well-being makes a substantial difference to the performance of your business.

Having happy, contented, fit and healthy staff will go a long way to reducing sickness days and more importantly increasing their work rate whilst in the office.   Invest in them and you will be rewarded.

Be the best you can be, adapt, evolve, change, and improve.  Book one of our Mind & Body courses today!

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