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Dave Manners has over 20 years of highly successful experience, opening, managing and growing multiple successful UK companies.  He is an expert in the art of cold calling and winning new business and has a unique and natural understanding of people.

Over the last four years Dave has been on a profound inner transformation, that radically changed the course of his life.  He has been devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation by dedicating his life to the field of self-improvement and is a true master of the mind and body.

During this time he has researched every major leader in the field.  He has become a qualified Sports Nutritionist, gained a diploma in Psychology, qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP)  and is currently studying diplomas in Yoga Teaching, Life Skills Coaching, Anatomy and Physiology, Hypnotherapy, Instructor Skills and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

Dave Manners has recently developed his own ‘Belief System’ which he believes is the foundation for true happiness & success in business and in life.




In 1994, at the age of only 18 he applied and got accepted into the Hampshire Constabulary as Police Constable. He still is today one of the youngest people to be accepted.


After deciding there was too much red tape and politics involved in the Police, Dave Manners dedicated his early career to Sales and quickly became one of the top sales people in the country. He excelled at winning new customers and building long term business relationships.


In 1997, at the age of 21 he was head hunted to set up a new corporate sales team for a large IT reseller. As well as setting up the division from scratch, he also trained all new starters and over a short period of time became sales manager of fifty people. During which he was also still personally selling and was achieving around £4 Million worth of sales per year.


In 2001, with his business partner at the time he started his own reseller as founder and Sales Director. With limited initial investment and only three people, he managed to come up with real Unique Selling Points as to why large corporate customers should want to buy off them and successfully achieved £3 Million worth of turnover in the first year.


By 2006 his main business was approaching £20 Million Turnover and with his business partner, Dave also set up a further three companies in different areas, all of which are successful independent companies.


In 2011, at the age of 35 he decided that he wanted to change. He began the process of selling his shares in all his previous businesses and started to invest only in businesses connected with self-improvement and making a difference for the better of the world.


Dave was personally involved in interviewing, employing and training over 200 people. In 2012, he started Dave Manners Limited to be his own company responsible for training and self-improvement.


In 2013, Dave Manners Limited was contracted to set up one of the country’s finest training and development programmes for new starters, which has become the most comprehensive training program of its type in the industry.


In 2014, Dave officially ceased all interest with his older companies leaving the main one as one of the leaders in its field with a turnover of over £45 million.


In 2015 Dave worked with a number of companies to help improve their businesses. As well providing life coaching to a number of individuals. Creating real and lasting positive changes to both.


In 2016 and onwards Dave is looking to continue to work with individual people and companies who want to improve themselves, to share his knowledge, skills and experience.

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