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All of my life I have been interested in self-improvement and being a ‘good’ person.  I have a great natural understanding of the world and people.  In 2011, I decided I wanted to understand more about ‘life’ and the best way to lead it and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

I am writing the definitive self-improvement book whilst transforming my own life and have studied every major leader in the field, as well as my own life experiences and from these I have created the ‘Dave Manners Belief System’ to lead your life by.  There is no ‘one‘ secret to live a better more fulfilled life.  In fact, it is only by combining a number of changes and behaviours that you will truly be living the life of your dreams.

Each subject within the Dave Manners Belief System  is literally just the headline and would require full explanation and training before you are able to practice.  Please get in touch for further details or to enquire about an individual personal training package.


Dave Manners Belief System

Goals and standards to live your life by

95% of behaviour unconscious and 5% is conscious

Our unconscious behaviour is dictated by the events that have taken place in our lives and the choices we have made, our beliefs, desires, instincts and values and these can all be changed.

Everyone sees things differently

Our senses take in 2,000,000 bits of information per second but our conscious mind can only process 134 bits per second! So the unconscious mind needs to filter the 2 million bits down to the 134 bits that the conscious mind can cope with. So we delete, distort and generalise

Daily Affirmations

Performing positive intelligently thought of affirmations as part of a daily schedule and one-off events, where a state change is required, will create a stronger, more confident mind.

Positive thinking - ordering from the universe

Your mind is extremely powerful and through positive thoughts and actions you can literally transform your outcome.

Turning everything in to a goal or game

Giving everything you do a purpose and getting a sense of achievement from finishing things.

Appreciate the awareness of now

Learn to live in the moment and appreciate your immediate environment. We don't always have to look for an exotic location to find wonder and beauty. Just by taking your time to look around you and appreciating everything you see.

Loving the world you live in

Being thankful and loving the beauty of the world around you.

Don’t watch the news or read newspapers

The news and media preferentially feeds us with negative stories which in turn makes us more pessimistic, depressed or concerned. Learn to keep up with the news without watching.

Stress release, learn to appreciate it

Stress is only bad for you if you believe it is. It is not the stress that has been killing us but how we interpret that stress and learning to appreciate and even like stress is the solution.

Listen to your body

Your own Body Language physically changes your chemicals and emotions, learn how to force positive empowering body language to change your chemicals for the better.

Change your associations

Easily and quickly learn to love the things that are great for you and hate the things that are bad.

Doctors only recognise and treat disease

They are not trained to look at prevention and have very limited information on nutrition. We need to go beyond the mechanics of the body.

Raise your standards

Don’t overlook yourself and judge others. Look at everything you can do to live a better life.

Create confidence whenever needed

Learn ways to access states of confidence and replicate the feeling through the circle of excellence.

Instant concentration and focus

The right technique will release testosterone, lower cortisol and improve performance when instantly required.

Be your best every time

To have game excellence not an excellent game.

Happiness is a choice, a way to interpret and learn

Events don’t make a big difference, after one year a lottery winner and amputee have the same levels of happiness.

Recognising states of negative emotions

Creating an immediate change state, evaluate and then change either procedure or perception.

Evaluate every situation

Is it helping towards your goals or hindering them.

Goals and action plans are the key to success

Learn how to record and create goals and actions to follow them through to completion.

Become a movie star

Imagine all that you do 24/7 is being filmed and every day you have to watch it back, would you be proud of the movie?

Do no harm to yourself or others

Truly accepting yourself and others, all species.

Exercise and body structure

Learn what you need to do for the purpose of long term health and vitality as your goal.

Your body is your temple for life

Eat organic, non-processed natural foods, no meat, no dairy. Drink lots of water and limited alcohol.

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