Full personal introduction and history.


Business Experience

Full business history with time line.


Self Improvement Book

Dave Manners is currently writing the definitive Self Improvement book.


Dave Manners

“Over the following pages I have tried to give you a clear and concise picture of who I am and what benefit I could possibly be to your company.  I hope you find the information interesting and informative and I welcome any feedback or questions”

Dave Manners is a master trainer and expert in coaching individual’s and executive clients.  He has taken companies from inception to £45 million turnover and has trained hundreds of the country’s best people.  For the last five years he has dedicated his time and commitment to become a true master of the mind and body.  Dave Manners himself started out as one of the top sales people in the country, before developing into one of the top directors, managing well over 100 staff.  Responsible for driving growth, setting direction and achieving great success.  Dave is a highly successful business entrepreneur and what sets him apart from other training companies is the fact that first and foremost he has achieved the highest success within both his business life and personal life.

“I am a master trainer and  true power of the mind expert who is dedicated to further development and I believe deeply in always learning and improving.  I provide strong and theoretical insights.  I help organise ideas into action plans, look to remove all obstacles and barriers, resulting in great improvements within any company that I work with.  I have a clear vision of what organisations can do and motivate everyone to see the company as a ‘whole’ with its complex interactions and systems.  I like to work with companies that are seriously interested in change and improvement, who employ intellectually challenging people, focussed on implementing long term visions.  I love coaching, solving challenges and complex problems and I’m always looking at new possibilities and future opportunities.

I am: energetic, hard-working, logical, organised, strong willed, firm minded and committed”

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