Full Business Report

Our objectives

What is your company most proud of?  Is it being communicated to all your staff effectively?  Are they able to articulate it to your customers?

Does your company have a belief?  Or is it just trying to sell something?  If you truly believe and are passionate, people will want to know more, they will want to buy from you.  If you are simply trying to sell something, the interest will just not be there.

A Full Business Report could significantly help your business.

Dave Manners will look to meet with the business owners/leaders to determine the objectives and success criteria.  He will look to research and design the programme and part of this process will be to interview and talk with (with full permission) directors, leaders, mid management, sales and operation staff.

The main areas of focus of the business report could be the entire sales operation, go to market strategy, current USPs and KPIs, the financial model and objective.

Dave will look at measureable and more importantly sustainable KPI’s which could be used by the owners to monitor the health of the business and the ongoing progression of any business plan.  The organisational structure and size and what changes and additions would be required for any proposed plan?   Examples include, doubling the turnover of the business, increasing profit, opening new sites or simply trying to provide a better work environment and a more unified company.

Working in partnership, Dave will help to write the business  report and plan for his involvement with clear set objectives.  A full written report will be generated covering revenue, growth, margin, sales and overheads, back office and administration’s needs and finally to review the conclusions and outcomes.

Communication will be the key to success; Dave Manners will closely monitor all changes and additions and help monitor the health of the business through regular reviews.

In the first instance we recommend booking an informal telephone call or free meeting with Dave Manners himself to see if there is synergy to work together and to try to ascertain the objectives of a business report and of any potential engagement.

All services provided are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

A full written in-depth report and documentation is provided and pricing is on an application basis.

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