Customer Survey

how do you appear?

Do you have a great company message and unique selling points?

Ever wondered what your customers think about your company?  Is there anything you would want to know about them?

A complete and thorough understanding of your customers is imperative to your optimum success.

Getting an independent customer survey is a great way to find out what your customers truly believe about you.  What do they think you’re good at, what they believe you’re not good at, where they believe you can improve and in what areas would they consider using you.

Our first stage of the customer survey is to understand exactly what you offer as a company and how you see yourself in the market, we then look to understand the type of questions you would like to find out about your customers.  Once a full reporting structure is agreed upon, we can then approach your customer either as a representative of your company or as a completely independent source.  We can give the customer a chance to ‘go on record’ and then receive feedback or stay completely anonymous.

Don’t presume you know what your customer thinks.  These customer survey reports are often eye-opening and a great way to address any areas of your business that need improving, as well as making the customer feel more important and valued, which in turn normally secures more business.

Don’t overlook the customer survey as this could be very important to your business, because without your customers, you would literally cease to exist.

In the first instance we recommend booking an informal telephone call or free meeting with Dave Manners himself to see if there is any synergy to work together and to try to ascertain the objectives of the customer survey and of any potential engagement.

All services provided are unique, enjoyable, innovative, informative, and interactive.

A full written in depth report and documentation is provided and pricing on an application basis and depends on the complexity of the report required and the number of customers you would like us to contact.

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